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Reviews from Multi-Motivation Clients

Josh LaBenne

"One of Leland's strongest gifts is his ability to inspire. Leland empowers others to look beyond what is in front of them, to look further and reach their true potential.

Whenever he gives motivation to others, whether that be through working with him, attending one of his motivational presentation, watching one of his videos, or reading his book, "A Journey With Purpose", it drives them (and me) to reach for our goals even further, taking that odd, extra effort each day to make it a reality."

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Mark Lau

"I've met Leland, I've shaken his hand, but most importantly I've heard Leland speak. The ideas Leland puts forth and the way he delivers them allowed me to rethink what I was doing in life and made me think how I could become something more even though I was fairly content with the way things were. I think that is a testimony to the power of his speech. He is not only able to guide those who seek success, but also convince others who are content to do something greater and reach further. This is true motivational speaking!"

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Will Mundy

"I've worked with Leland in a variety of organizations in the past - and in every one of them, he brings a passion and drive that is unparalleled. His positivity and confidence uplifts everyone else in the room, and pushes one to new levels of success as they collaborate with him. His knowledge and experience in both entrepreneurship and leadership is also well-developed, even though he is only 18 years old. I am glad that I have had the chance to work with Leland in the past, and look forward to working with him more in the future."

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What our customers are saying

I felt guided to send Leland a message on Instagram after coming across one of his posts. His message was definitely in alignment with what I do and speak about...I just had to reach out! I'm glad I did. He's not only an amazing mentor but this guy knows what he is talking about. He gives you the tools (tips, guidance, steps) to take that next leap in life that we all desire. Don't hesitate...reach out!

Austin Nelson - Coaching Client of Multi-Motivation

Meet Solomon Powell

Solomon is a client of Multi-Motivation and has gotten coaching from Leland directly for over a year now. He has been able to get direction, coaching, and advice to start impacting his community already! Hear his experience here!

What our customers are saying

Leland is on fire I just spoke with him and his been able to help me change some of my views about content creation... He is one of the best in this business and I must confess I will love to have him on my stage some day!!!

Presley Brian - Coaching Client of Multi-Motivation

Meet Jake Fisher...

"I reached out to Leland for an informal interview over the phone. I thought what he was doing was very interesting and wanted to know more. He was quick to respond and was flexible with his schedule. I had a basic list of questions that I asked him but as he answered, I moved away from the script. While asking about his Multi-Motivation business, he started giving me some details on how he helps people find their purpose and act on it. Before I could ask another question he offered to give me a coaching session over the phone on the spot. I answered "Yes!", without hesitation.

Impressions of Leland:

1. He is very humble, professional, and organized. He was prepared for the call and had great communication leading up to, during, and after the call

2. He loves to help people and listen to their stories

3. He shows that if you service people first and give them value, the monetary value will follow

4. He makes you feel comfortable about your situation and helps you relate and make sense of the thoughts most people have about starting something new and/or thinking differently than others"

What our customers are saying

What I have come to admire about Leland is his persistence and desire to impact others! If he believes that he has found an avenue to do something beneficial, he will pursue it with an extraordinary dedication and passion! It is not easy to be successful, and some will be critical, but he doesn't let anything shake him. It takes hard work and a consistent attitude to find success, and he has shown both! Not only that, but he wants to share it with the world!

Alex Greisinger - University of Madison Wisconsin

Rico Agudelo

"LELAND! you've been awesome bro, first 10 minutes I sat down with you totally changed my perspective of my purpose here on earth! Thank you sooo much for your interest with me and finding purpose."

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Steven Davis

"Where to start? The day I met him.. I had no idea I would be so impacted. From just a stranger at Applebees to a guy I can truly say an outstanding mentor, friend and example.

He not only just invested so much of his time, resources and all he had to offer to me, but followed up with encouragement and support! He has showed me how to improve my quality of life in just a short matter of months.

Leland is one heck of a guy, truly admire his dedication and drive, hard work that he puts in for the things he believes."

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Chase Meredith

"Leland is one of the most motivated and self driven people I have ever met. He has been a great example to me in so many ways. I admire how self disciplined he is and how much he has accomplished in such a short time."

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What our customers are saying

WOW, I don't even know where to begin lol. I not only know Leland Jones on a personal level, but I've had the privilege of watching him grow and develop into a very passionate and determined person. He lives a life of integrity, purpose, determination, and never gives up no matter what life throws against him.

I love his willingness and passion he has to help people reach their full purpose in life, and then in turn live it out day-to-day.

I just had the privilege of talking to him in more detail and clarity about what exactly my purpose was, and why I have the passion to do it. I also gained valuable knowledge and resources to help me along the way.

I admire and appreciate how he truly listens to you, doesn't get distracted, and then recaps and reminds you of the things you discussed, to help you stay

1). Motivated

2). Empowered

3). Ready to live out your purpose with clarity.

I highly recommend giving him a call so you can find out the things you are passionate about and what exactly it is that gives you your "Why/Purpose" in life.

Stefanie Brown - Coaching Client of Multi-Motivation

Emmeline Kitzman

"I personally have seen a motivational presentation Leland gave while he was a senior at Singapore American School. The life advice he gave was right on point. He used his own personal life and experience to explain how the advice he was giving worked. His passion and eagerness for helping others is not only reflected in his presentations but through his personal and everyday tasks."

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Jennifer Schmitt

"I taught Leland Jones in middle school. Even then he was a kind, young man that wanted to help others. At a young age, he started a business, became a motivational speaker, & wrote the book A Journey with Purpose. This book will provide value to anyone that may feel they want something better in life, but are unsure where to start. I am inspired that this young man has accomplished so much in such a short time. He continues to amaze me with his inspirational attitude & passion for helping others. Read his book, A Journey with Purpose, and feel inspired!"

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Andres Michna

"Leland Jones and I lived together on Ford Island back when we were just 14 or 15 years old, and he's always been such a kind and ambitious person. I've never had a negative experience while being friends with him. When I first met Leland he was always building things to sell around the neighborhood and never stopped working towards better circumstances. I can say with certainty that Leland Jones isn't a fake entrepreneur. He may be young, but he's a man of action and this to me is the most inspiring aspect of his character. I have no doubt in my mind that he is going to go far because he already is.

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What our customers are saying

I have done a lot of study and have much time spent defining my purpose and my mission. Having said that, the phone call and questions where very insightful and Leland is a great encourager and his findings where very affirming. I LOVE that.

Trevor Harrison - Coaching Client of Multi-Motivation

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