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Welcome to the one-stop-shop for "A Journey with Purpose" book series! Leland is the author of the series, aimed to develop people's ability to help them find purpose, and direction in their lives. Leland is an entrepreneur, leadership instructor, and international motivational speaker! He has built, operated, and sold businesses professionally and is growing his career as an author and speaker. He has written and published the first book in the series "A Journey with Purpose: A Guide to Starting and Succeeding as an Entrepreneur" which can be ordered online or below! The second book in the series is "A Guide to Overcoming and Conquering Failure". There are three books in the series, with two other books coming soon as well that will be available below! 

A Journey with Purpose Audio Book

A Journey with Purpose: Audio Book

 A Guide to Starting and Succeeding as an Entrepreneur

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What Readers Think

My journey with Leland Jones has been remarkable. He has helped me realize my potential, and he will help you realize your potential for doing great things, being the best person you can be regardless of where you are now and whatever your situation in life may be.

Solomon Powell - Author, The Butterfly Catcher

What Readers Think

What I have come to admire about Leland is his persistence and desire to impact others! If he believes that he has found an avenue to do something beneficial, he will pursue it with an extraordinary dedication and passion! It is not easy to be successful, and some will be critical, but he doesn't let anything shake him.

Alex Greisinger - University of Wisconsin-Madison

What Readers Think

Whenever he gives motivation to others, whether that be through working with him, attending one of his motivational presentation, watching one of his videos, or reading his book, "A Journey With Purpose", it drives them (and me) to reach for our goals even further, taking that odd, extra effort each day to make it a reality.

Joshua LaBenne - Arizona, USA

What Readers Think

Leland is one heck of a guy, truly admire his dedication and drive, hard work that he puts in for the things he believes. He has showed me how to improve my quality of life in just a short matter of months.

Steven Davis - Anchorage, AK