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My Journey with Purpose...

Leland Jones, July 24, 2018

My journey began around eight years old. I always had a passion for learning new things, and finding creative ways to make money, and provide value to others. My family always thought I would be an “inventor” when I “grew up” and I always dreamed I would do something to make the world a better place.

I developed a burning passion learning about leadership skills. Anything from teaching people, and conflict resolution to vision and goal setting. I loved learning about it, and began practicing SMART goals, and Vision setting at a very young age. After my middle school years, I was now in high school and things started to slow down. My passion became insecurity, leadership became something I was not proud of, and ultimately I felt like I was always being made fun of in high school. I would always do my best to surround myself with good people, but the negativity and the people I went to high school with overwhelmingly tried everything to shut down all the good that I stood for.

Though most of my high school career seemed like a constant battle of trying to prove myself to my peers that didn’t even care what I stood for, my Junior year I decided I was going to give up trying to please others and focus on being the best version of myself. I began tripling down on personal development, learning leadership skills, and developing my ability to succeed. By the end of my year as a Junior I was already being asked to lead week long leadership conferences internationally! I was being asked to lead adults, and staffs of 25+ people to carry out a week of logistics of leadership conferences.


Come my senior year, I decided it was time to take my leadership skills and entrepreneurial spirit to the market. I had started many businesses and small ventures up to this point, but never actually owned a real business! So I started my first official business, T-Quotes LLC. It was a huge success the first year and a half making thousands in sales, and spreading the message of encouragement to all corners of the world. I ended up with over 20 employees, and we were fulfilling orders across the planet! It was awesome. Unfortunately when things began to slow, my executives started college and priorities shifted, the business suffered as a result. The first year of my college career, we ended up shutting down the business to pursue bigger things!

I decided it was time to do the things I knew I had a God given gift for which was teaching, leadership, and entrepreneurship! So I doubled down on pursuing my speaking career teaching the world how to improve as an entrepreneur or business person! Up to this point, I had over a decade of experience networking with big game players in entrepreneurship, and running my own businesses. I was coaching, mentoring, and consulting business owners, and self starters to the point that every business that I participated in helping succeed, thrived!

It was after networking with some top players in the entrepreneurship world when I started to see massive results, and financial freedom doing what I love to do! I began meeting the right people such as Caleb and Matt Maddix, Grant Cardone, Gary Vaynerchuck, Peter Voogd, and many other big influencers that really changed my mindset on success as an entrepreneur. Then I met some local talent in my new home in Anchorage such as Jerry Fetta, Keith Weinhold, and Michael Carrigan to name a few who really changed my life and brought me to the world of financial freedom!

Today, I am a 19 year old author of “A Journey with Purpose” series, an international motivational speaker, and a successful entrepreneur! My mission in life in to eradicate poverty, and help everyone on Earth discover their purpose. I want everyone to live life with purpose, meaning, love, health, and life giving! I will be doing many things to accomplish this, but for now this is just the beginning of Leland Jones and those I will impact!

Thank you for being apart of my journey with purpose, and I hope to provide you immense value and serve you as much as possible in our endeavors together! Work hard, smile a lot, and live life to your fullest potential!


How to Discover Your Purpose

Leland Jones, July 25, 2018

To this day I have met so many people that are in their 20's, 30's, and even into their 60's that tell me that they don't know their purpose in life. I find this to be tragic!

I was talking with a client just the other day and I had mentioned that finding your purpose is like tackling a vision. You must treat it as if you were eating an elephant, you have to take it down one bite at a time. If you want to achieve something big, you must do so in small increments. Think about it with a few small examples:

Getting a college degree: You can't do this all at once! You must take it one course, or even smaller, one class at a time. You have to go through the study session, meet with your professors, and read all the textbooks to accomplish one more step along the line to achieving the end goal. 

Starting a business: You have to create a plan, find a niche, discover your "why", get investors, craft a proposal, put in the effort, prospect clients, run orders, process information, etc... Do you have to know everything about starting a business? No, but you will have to learn it all one step at a time. 

One final example-- Having good health: You think that you are going to wake up one day and have a six pack abs? Of course not. You need to create an eating plan, change your diet, go to the gym on a regular basis, and eventually day-by-day you will become more and more in-shape. You will see the transformation over time so long as you work day-by-day! 

Here is the fact of life folks, you will never achieve anything great in life if you are not doing the things required to get there. You have to put in the work, time, effort, dedication, and tenacity to achieve the things you set out to achieve. 

I don't do what I do because I am forced to, I do what I do for the impact. Therefore I want to impact you and give you a quick and easy to use tool that will transform the way you look at finding your purpose. I will do this by breaking it down into four questions you must ask yourself in order to find your God-given purpose. 

Question number 1: What do you absolutely love to do? 

Question number 2: What are you great at doing?

Question number 3: What can you do to earn money, or make a living?

Finally Question 4: What can you do that the world needs?

When you answer these questions and create a list for each one, you will search for the overlapping answer to all four, then that will be your answer to the question "What is my purpose?" Go ahead and try it today! Give it a show and see where it gets you on your journey with purpose! 

For more information and other ways to identify your purpose, contact me and I will be happy to connect with you further! 

Overcoming failure

Overcoming the Pains of Failure

June 17, 2018

Have you ever gotten hurt doing something? Whether it be playing a sport, accidentally injuring yourself, or rough housing with a sibling, I am sure you can remember a time when you were physically hurt. Think of that time and try to remember that pain. It wasn’t too great was it? That’s because nobody enjoys pain. By it’s actual definition, it means to suffer. Failure is very much the same, so let’s explore that.

You have thought of a physical pain, now think of your most recent failure. Not a fun memory, right? Obviously not, because there was a bad feeling attached to that failure, I am sure. So why is it so painful when we fail, get rejected, or face obstacles that make us fall flat on our face? Simply put, it is the feeling of unmet expectations.

When we expect something to go a certain way and it does, we get excited. We evoke emotions and hormones that make us feel happier, more energized, and all around excited! Now the exact opposite effect happens when those expectations of that happy event do not come to fruition. We get opposing emotions and hormones that can trigger unhappiness, anger, and even sadness.

That feeling is often what we remember when we recall a memory. That is, the feeling attached to the memory. So, when you are thinking of your most recent failure, and it makes you upset, angry or sad, that is because that emotion is what is attached to your failure.

So, that is what happens, but what can you do about it? This is where I provide you examples, situations and solutions I have used in my journey that will hopefully be useful to you as well. I will start with a story.

When I was 17 years old, I started a clothing company. It was custom T-shirts, polos, hoodies, and tank tops. Nothing too fancy, just a nice little business to get a feel for some real authentic entrepreneurship. It started out small, just selling locally to some groups, teams, and people that wanted shirts made. Things were going alright, but I was not seeing any really “big” results. I decided I wanted to start growing and expanding. So, I talked to some friends and asked them if they wanted to help me process orders and make things go a little quicker. They were all on board and we got to work. The summer that I launched the business, it was booming! We were selling internationally, and everything was going great-- for about a year.

Then, in the following fall, life events and other distractions started to occur in the lives of all of us on the team. We graduated high school, went separate directions, began college, started going to class, and getting involved in other group activities, clubs and extracurriculars. These life changes took a significant toll on the business. Sales dropped, marketing dropped, ads stopped producing returns, and things were just not going well. The business was losing money, because we had to pay for website domains, pay our suppliers, and cover any advertising products we had. The money was not rolling in to the extent that we could cover all costs.

We had this amazing idea, saw an awesome execution the first year, then bust! We got busy, priorities shifted, and the business suffered because of it. Despite it all, we did not just stop trying to make it work when things went south. I made a commitment to go down with the ship and tried some other alternatives to keep the business afloat. For example, we started a Sales Representative Program where we hired people across the United States to sell our brand and our products to groups and teams in their local areas. Though this was a big move in the right direction and did help us succeed somewhat, it was still not enough. We continued to realize loss.

Attached to that failure was pain. This business was my baby, and I wanted to see it grow into something I had only imagined before. Though it was a great trial period and I learned much from it, the company was not going to have the impact I intended. It hurt to see it get shut down. I did not like the idea of being seen as a failure from the people on the team, the previous clients, or anyone else for that matter. The business was just not something I had passion to continue, so I had to make the tough choice to shut down the business. Have you ever had something that you care about so much just not prevail? It makes you want to hide under a rock. I have seen and experienced this other times, and I see it happening around me all the time.

I have another story about one of my closest friends. He wanted to write a book. It was his goal to have the first draft of his book done by his 22nd birthday. He got started on it months before that due date, and he was serious about getting it done.

He spent long hours in coffee shops, sketching out ideas, scratching, revising, and rewriting much of his content in hopes of making his book the best it could be. He had the chapters outlined, and words were starting to be written down. Then about a month from his birthday, he started to lose motivation. He knew he still wanted to write it, and at this point people were counting on him to have it done. The problem was that he had many other things going on in his life that kept taking him out of that creative flow. He was not able to focus on the work he needed to complete to get his ideas on paper.

As his birthday approached he began to get stressed because his book had not made any real progress for a couple of months. Then, before he knew it, his birthday had come, and gone. It was like a blink of an eye and he knew he failed. He missed his self-imposed deadline; the book was incomplete - he was devastated! Not to the point that he could not function, but he was visibly demoralized, and his outlook was different.

He came to me asking me “What do I do? I have not made any progress on my book, I missed my deadline, I feel like I let everyone that was counting on me down, and I do not know what to do.” It did not hit me until then, that what I was about to tell him could be applied to any failure.

I replied with what I believe he needed in that moment to get up and get serious about his book. I told my friend “First, you have to want it. Second, you must see it. Finally, you must make it a reality in your heart before it becomes a reality in life. So, set a new deadline, focus, and make that dream a reality.” I could just see the spark that had been reignited in his eyes. Newly motivated and ready to go, he jumped back in the saddle to make his vision a reality.

For you, and anyone else, this simple three-step principle works the same. Whether it be a missed deadline, a bad evaluation, a missed touchdown, or whatever failure looks like in your eyes, you need to take those three steps and start pushing for your definition of success. Want it, see it, and make it a reality! This works because I have seen in my own life. If you fail and are broken or hurting because of it, you can fix it with these three steps. Not only have I seen that it works in my own life my friend’s life, and many other people’s lives, but it has been modeled for us by all the successful people throughout the world. Think of your favorite celebrity, athlete, or role model. Even if they are not famous, ask someone that inspires you about their failures and how they grew from them.

I can guarantee you that their answer will involve some version of 1) Wanting their success to be a reality; 2) Seeing their success mentally and emotionally; 3) Making their success a reality, both in their heart and in practice. I want you to go out today and find your role model, teacher, mentor, coach, or someone that inspires you, and ask them about their failures. Interview them and see how you can emulate their actions in your own struggles and failures. 

Try this three step process in your life, and let me know how it affects you! 

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Grow from failure

Don't Make the Same Mistakes Twice

Leland Jones July 26, 2018

You now have a new opportunity. That is, not to make the same mistakes twice. It is likely that you may have heard the saying “fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me”. This is an English version of the original non-English writing from a man by the name of Gorge Horne back in 1786. The wisdom behind this saying is that if you are deceived once, then it is the fault of the person that deceives you. However, if you fall for the trickery again, then it becomes your fault because you did not learn and grow from the original experience.

This is a lesson I have to remind myself of pretty much daily. For example, it was just the other day when I went on a short little road trip on the Summer Solstice, I was living in Alaska at the time of this trip, and up North a couple hours outside of Anchorage was supposed to be 24 hours of sunlight. So me and a friend hopped in my car for a little trip to see if we could experience the 24 hours of daylight. The destination we had in mind was a little over two hours away. We began the drive, and were having a great time talking, enjoying music and road trip snacks. Then after two hours passed by, we looked at the map and it showed that it was coming up at a turn not far away. Then after two hours and forty five minutes go by, we decide that we needed to look at the GPS one more time.

We plugged in our end destination on Google Maps, and it showed that we had passed our turn and were forty minutes away from our desired location. We totally messed up. I looked to my friend and said “As long as we don’t make the same mistake twice, then we will be alright!” we laughed, and eventually were able to make it to the place we wanted to get to and enjoyed sunlight throughout the night!

The lesson here, is that we will all make mistakes on our own individual journeys. That is inevitable. Some things will just go wrong. There is nothing you can do to stop bad things from going wrong. You can plan ahead, and prepare, but no level of preparation can save you from the unexpected.

Here is an example of what I mean. I was a young teenager, and I went on this High-Adventure canoeing trip in Canada. It was 14 days long, and 80 or so miles from start to finish. I was with a crew of nine, which included some older teenagers, their parents, my dad, and a guide. We spent a full day preparing our itinerary and equipment at base camp with the guide. We mapped out the entire trek, and had all the food we needed to last the trip and we were ready to go.

The next day, we woke up early and got some breakfast, then hopped on a sea plane to the start of the trek. As we arrived we quickly noticed we were in the middle of no-man's land. Our first destination was about eight miles away, so we got our canoes and began the journey. After a few mishaps with portaging through marsh, fighting insane amounts of mosquitoes, and carrying our heavy gear through it all, we were finally about to canoe up to our campsite for the first day. It was a beautiful island surrounded by raging class-five rapids. We were to camp on the island, known as “X-Rock”.

This is when the unexpected hit us. We had a slight issue right before we pulled up to the island. That was we had some small little ripples to go over before reaching an opening to row over to the island. There were three canoes that had to clear the ripples, and my canoe was the first. I had my dad and the guide with me, and we made it through no problem. The second boat came through and swamped over in the ripples. It tipped over and five days worth of food, kitchen supplies, and their canoe were on a beeline for the class five rapids. The passengers of the canoe were luckily able to retrieve the food and kitchen supplies from the canoe, but the canoe had a one way ticket over the rapids, and there was no chance of stopping it at this point.

The canoe went head first over the rapids and the aluminum canoe bent over a fallen tree as easy as folding a piece of paper in half. The boat was totalled and there was no chance of riding it out of there. Eventually, we were able to get the satellite phone to work and contact a crew doing a similar trek to bring us a third canoe. The consequence of not being able to prepare for the unexpected was now our entire crew was set back 24 hours, because we had to wait for that other canoe to come in the next day. Now we had 12 days to cover 13 days of canoeing.

However, this is what I learned. I learned that no matter how much prep work you do at base camp, until you actually begin your journey, you will never know what rapids lie ahead and how they will affect your success. But let me tell you what! When we finally got our third canoe, we knew that something had to change. That was us being more cautious even around the small ripples in the water, because it just took one too many to set us a whole day behind.

So here is the lesson. Don’t make the same mistakes twice. Be courageous and start the journey you are on. It could be improving any aspect of your life from health to wealth. Set out on your journey, and learn as you go! There are things you can prepare for, but once you get going there will be hidden things that just pop up. All you can do from there, is learn from those mistakes using the strategy talked about way back in chapter two about using failure as a chance to learn, then make sure not to repeat the same mistake.

There have been countless times when I made either a bad investment, a poor business decision, got in a bad friendship, bought something I didn’t really need, took advice from the wrong person, got lost on the wrong path hiking, messed up on a school project, and much much more. The great thing is, that I was able to grow from those situations. Every bad friend I encountered, I knew what kind of people I did not want to surround myself with. Every bad piece of advice I took, I became more tuned in to what good advice sounds like. Each bad employee I hired, I learned what a good employee looks like when hiring again. You see, there is no one-size-fits-all application for this lesson. All you have to do is start making sure that you cross your t’s and dot your i's when you mess up.

I know that can be easier said than done, so I want to encourage you to try honing in on this skill, because it will provide you with a lot of success if you learn to do it well. Start with this simple but effective strategy. Take the last mistake you made either at work, at school, at home, or with a relationship. Think about one specific mistake you made, and write out the entire situation in detail in the form of a letter to yourself. Put it in an envelope and send it to yourself. It should come back to you in a couple days. Once it has arrived, open it up and re-read what you wrote. Now ask yourself the following questions.

1. Did I make this same mistake again after making note of it?

2. Have I completely overcome this mistake and conquered it so I wont ever make it again?

3. Is this mistake even relevant to me anymore?

4. Will this mistake matter in a few more days? A few months? A year from now?

5. Finally, can I avoid making this mistake again if I stay where I am at now?

The point of asking yourself these questions, is to be brutally honest with yourself. Who else besides you would even know if you were honest about answering these questions anyways? Just be honest, because these questions can help you see yourself in a new perspective. It will show you if making the same mistakes again is something you feel like you actually have control over, or not.

If avoiding mistakes twice is not something you think you can control, then you have what I would call a limiting belief. I have heard this instance many times from people that I have mentored. They tell me things like “I cannot get better at (fill in the blank) because I am not strong or smart enough.” or whatever it might be. There are things in life that you may think you don’t have the ability to overcome, but if you stop believing the lies that the world keeps telling you, and believe in your ability to overcome your mistakes, then nothing is stopping you but you.

On the flip side, if you think that you do have the ability to overcome your mistakes and avoid them in the future, then prove it to yourself! That letter you write yourself can be an example of something you need to prove to yourself that you can overcome. Take that mistake you made, and start proactively going out of your way to make sure you don’t do it twice. This is something that you can practice over and over until your ability and confidence to overcome your mistakes is rock solid. If you are ever struggling remember you are on a journey and that doesn’t mean you stop and quit there. No matter how hard life gets, and no matter how many mistakes you make your purpose in life will always be with you. 

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